Sunday, November 25, 2007

Reusable Bags

The other day I went and did our bi-weekly grocery shopping. I went to Walmart (ugh, but they do have a lot of organics now, so that is good) and I made sure to take my own grocery bags with me. Its normally kinda a pain at Walmart because of their carousel set-up, but I wanted to do it anyway.
It was a pain loading up all the groceries, but I was able to fit them all into just three bags (count 'em 3!!)!!! Actually, it wasn't even that much of a pain to load them, it was just the rush of getting them all into the bags while she piled them all up onto the top of their carousel. I was able to bring all the groceries into the house in one trip as well.
It is so amazing how much simpler bringing your own bags really is. There isn't nearly the waste, you don't have to worry about crappy plastic bags tearing with heavy items in them, and you can actually get in the door without making a million trips (total plus when you have kids!!).
I recently went shopping with a friend and she even brought along her own cloth bulk-item bags! How cool!! I had never thought to do that, although I at least re-use the plastic bulk item bags for bread (since I bake my own bread). I have now ordered some of those bags and am looking to try and make a couple of my own here soon.
Anyone wishing to try bringing their own bags along should really consider it. I began using old canvas totes (the type companies give you for free), then I started using other funky bags. If you're interested in buying some bags specifically for your grocery shopping you should really check out:
*Special Note of thanks to Sara from for the heads up to this link!

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