Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Silent too long

I haven't posted in too long. Life here has been crazy, as it tends to be once spring starts arriving and you have little ones running here and there.
Our group, Big Lick-Green Drinks, made the newspaper ( ) which was really exciting & we've also launched a myspace page for it as well: - We're now working on co-hosting an event on May 10th with another local group, Drinking Liberally, up at BlackSnake Meadery in Carroll County. Needless to say, it has had us spinning.
Also, our chicks arrive in less than a week. So every weekend lately has been focused on getting ready for that. This weekend will be no exception. Justin is about done building the chicken tractor, so this is very good. We've got their temporary inside home here, just need to give it a good clean out and set it up, hopefully something we can work on this evening. Shannon is very excited about the chicks coming. The Easter Bunny brought him some special boots to wear out back (since the birds will be free-ranging around the yard, and therefore pooping everywhere) - he was very impressed. Also, he has been SO excited about getting to help Daddy build the chicken tractor. It is amazing to watch him grow like this. He thinks that he helped "convert" the back bathroom into a pantry and is immensely proud of himself for it. We're just happy that he no longer thinks that applesauce comes from the bathroom. :)
Tristan is finally starting to try and talk some. It is funny because he also thinks he is being silly and calls things by the wrong name. For some reason his biggest "joke" to play on us is when we're changing his diaper he'll touch himself and say "belly." We'll tell him no, that's his penis, but he just giggles and repeats "belly" with mischief sparkling in his eyes the whole time. He'll say "testicles" but not penis. It's pretty funny.
So that is catching up here. I apologize for the lack of a picture or two this time. My camera and my computer are fighting and not working together, so I've had a hard time getting my photos uploaded. Oh well. If that is all that is wrong in life, right?? I have been able to add some photos on my myspace page ( ) and also on my Flickr account (the link to that is on the right-hand side of this page). So you can see some photos of life here there. But for now, I have dough that needs to rise and then go into the oven, so I need to quit typing and get back in the kitchen!!!

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