Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ironic Morning & Sexy Baths

A good dose of irony is always a nice way to start your day! This morning I was debating taking my shower, thinking I could just take a nice long bath this afternoon. I looked in the mirror though and realized I really needed to wash my hair, so into the shower I hopped.
No sooner had I washed my hair, put homemade conditioner on it, and begun washing my face than the water pressure dropped. And I mean dropped, as in "who snuck in here and flushed the toilet?!?!"-dropped!! I quickly rinsed off fearing the water would cease to run or would become either very hot or very cold, very quickly! I was able to get my face washed and my hair shampoo-ed and conditioned, but that was it!
Since I knew we weren't using any water else-where in the house, visions of a quickly-filling flooded basement began to fill my head. Our basement is accessible only via a trap-door in the back hallway. Not normally a hassle, but something where someone really ought to be "upstairs" (not in the basement) to keep an eye on the kids and dogs to make sure no-one falls down the steps. Drying off from the shower I began to try and figure out just how I would do this by myself. And, how we were going to afford to call our plumber out to fix this mess. How strong is duct-tape?? Doesn't going down in a dirt-floor basement to deal with a busted pipe shooting water negate ANY type of shower?? What clothes do you even put on for that?? Do I call Justin to come home, and if I do what do I do in the time between now and then?
While I was quickly getting dressed I noticed a City Water vehicle pull up out front. They weren't there long before moving along. I checked and our water was back on as usual. I don't know what they were doing, but whatever it was, it was over now. WHEW!!
Now I suppose I get my afternoon bath after-all! However, I'll take a different approach from the last time I took an afternoon bath. I had been reading one of my books on amazing women through-out history, reading about how they seduced men, how they would bathe in oils that would leave the men's heads spinning. You can see where this is headed.
Kids gone, Justin still at work (but coming home soon), I hop into the tub with plans to leave my husband stunned with my sex appeal. I poured in some of my sexy smellum oil. It seemed to dissipate rather quickly, so I poured in some more. Ahh ... it was an Oriental Musk scent, but the bathroom smelled like flowers! I bathed and washed my hair and imagined how sexy I would look and smell.
After my bath I got out, got dressed up some, and waited for Justin's impending arrival home from work. We were planning on driving up to Vintage Cellar to get some nice beer and have an evening of yummy beer drinking like we used to do before kids when we car-pooled to school together. I sat down in the living room and began to notice my own smell. It was a little strong, but then again I am very sensitive to smells, so no worry - I am still sexy. He will be amazed.
But, now it is really bothering me, so I sit in front of the fan to help keep the smell away from me (isn't that a sign when you try to keep your own smell off of you?). Justin came home and I tried my best nonchalant sexy attitude. You know "me, I'm just sitting here reading a book, I didn't know I was sexy" attitude.
Sure enough, my plan worked! As we were getting ready to leave, Justin complemented how nice I looked. However, he didn't seem awed by my sexy-scent. I asked my smell was too much -- it was. I knew it. Thankfully, Vintage Cellar is a good 30 minute drive. Thankfully the weather was nice, as we had to roll down the windows to let me air out along the drive. Note to self - a little smellum oil goes a LONG, LONG way!!!!
Later that evening, after my intense smellum had worn off & I was back to a very-humbled sexy, one of the beer bottles we bought would explode in Justin's hand (see for that story!) and cut his leg. Gosh, I really hope my water/shower incident from this morning isn't a precursor to another evening like that!! At least I know my new smellum rule!

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