Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Shannon fought the wall & the wall won!

Actually, Shannon was walking and was tripped by Tristan who was running, causing him to fall head first into the corner of a wall. This happened yesterday evening, they were at my Mom's house and Barry (my step-dad) called me to come over (which I think I did about 50mph on the back roads to her house!). The bleeding had pretty much stopped by the time I got there. I arrived with an arsenal of supplies (suggested to me after our last trip to the ER for stitches to the head ... thank you Harry!!!), and although the cut wasn't deep it was wide, so we went ahead and called 911 to see if he needed to go to the hospital.
An ambulance and a firetruck arrived and told us we did need to go because of the width of the cut. I said I would drive him, and as we were getting coats on and getting ready to get out the door another special visitor arrived: cousin William!! William is my cousin and is a police-officer (Shannon sees him often enough, and knows he's a police-officer, so he thinks William is one of his cousins too .. which to some degree is correct!). William wanted to make sure Shannon, and everyone else, was ok which we thought was very sweet of him!
Mom, Shannon, and I went to the ER and checked in about 5:30. Justin arrived shortly thereafter, and Mom went back home where Tristan was with Barry. Shannon was a true champ, behaving the entire time, practicing writing his name (he can write his first and last now), identifying color words, coloring and playing.
No stitches this time, thankfully. Just glue and a little tape-bandage. Also, no two-hour wait (as was the case the 1st time). We were out of there a little after 6:30!! We took him to get a milkshake, which made him quite happy, and then went on to pick up Tristan.
For those keeping count: this is Shannon's THIRD trip to the ER for cutting his head open. This cut happened in the exact same spot as the 1st one. This one was caused by a wall corner, where the other two were by falls into the radiator. They've all occurred since Shannon was 2 1/2, so we're looking at Tristan and trying to prepare ourselves. Justin has also suggested that in lieu of a college fund we just set him up an Emergency Room fund!
Here are the photos I took once we got home (you can see some dried blood around his eye):

And I also have to share this response from my brother Kris because I thought it was just too funny not to!

"It's this kind of dedication that I like to see in our family. If you can't beat up the radiator at one house, then go for the wall at another house!Kind of takes after his mom. If I remember correctly, she beat up the wall at one house and the front door's window at another!"

In all fairness: This is true to some extent. But I've broken just about every window/pane of glass that's been broken in this house, not just the front door. The difference here is that Shannon takes after Justin. I pick things that I can damage and that don't hurt me. Shannon and Justin pick things that hurt them! Justin has bravely fought the following: a concrete floor, a car windshield (ok, I did that once too), and numerous walls and doors!

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