Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Homeschoolers Havin' Fun

~How can you resist the park on a day like this?~

~Tristan, "rock climbing" at Longwood Park~

~Brave Tristan~

~Shannon, playing with a just-met friend .. because, you KNOW what an issue socialization is with homeschooled kids!!~

~You call it goofing off, I call it learning about nature~


~Tristan showing off~

~Josie & Shannon, with Deirdre not paying attention to the camera~

~Josie, Shannon, & Deirdre, with Tristan running around off to the right there~

This is our little group of homeschoolers. There are a couple of the kids not pictured, but you get the idea. We meet every week at Longwood Park in Salem to let the kids run and play. Sometimes we even learn a little bit: lessons about playing nice with others; what's a hypocrite? .. it's what you get when you blend a hippo with a cricket!; sharing; what a female horse is called; don't eat holly berries; look, that's a ginko tree; and so on.
And, of course, there is the very substantial benefit of homeschooling parents getting to talk with each other. Getting the support that is desperately needed from a society that wants to doubt and criticize every step and action.
But, once again, how could you possibly spend a day as glorious as this INSIDE??

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Carole and Chewy said...

Having a homeschool group is so important. I miss the Park Days when the kids were younger. Enjoy all the days you can.