Friday, August 6, 2010

No-Poo Photo Documentation

Obviously this wasn't meant as a photo of my hair. This is me holding Foster. But the photo was taken on Saturday July 31st, the first day of my no-poo challenge.

The rest of the photos were taken today, Friday August 6th:

From the front: my hair up with my kick-ass cool hair fork. You can see my roots ~ not looking too greasy. (Photo was taken without the use of flash)

Hair still up. You can see the hair fork a little better. This photo was taken with the flash on.

Here's my hair down. Note that there is a fan directly behind me. (See that first photo of my hair up). Like I said, I am impressed with the shine I've seen today, it's been a while since my hair has been shiny. Plus, the green streaks from the pool seem to be finally fading away .... I don't miss them.

The boys, their hair still wet from baths. Both had their hair "washed" with the baking soda & water mixture. Tristan got a little spot of his head washed with the Neutrogena T-Gel shampoo just because of that little cradle cap spot that won't go away (but is starting to finally!!).

*More No-Poo photos to follow as the days go on!!

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