Sunday, May 25, 2008

Another Busy Weekend

Today we worked around the yard: Justin clearing out the weeds that have taken over most of the garden, since we hadn't had a chance to plant everything yet, both boys helping him plant seeds, and then me planting things in the side garden as well as up front in the front beds. We made nice progress, though Justin got a really nice sunburn on his back again. OUCH!!! We plucked the apples that have been growing on the Gala Apple tree off, as they are too young to really reach maturity and are merely weighing down the branches. It was a sad thing to have to do, but needed. On a good note though, we've been able to harvest our first strawberries this year. Last year we had one or two grow, but something else got them before we did - this year we've gotten 3 (yes, only 3, but it is a start!) so far. Justin ate the first and Shannon has gotten the chance to pick the other two off of the vine and eat them immediately. The delight in watching him getting to do this, knowing we grew them is amazing. These photos are of Shannon getting to pick his first, homegrown strawberry, then eating it!!

To say he loved this was an understatement!

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