Thursday, June 26, 2008

So Salem Article

Word has gotten out about the chickens. There is an article in today's Salem Times Register and one on the way in So Salem (a local insert for the Roanoke Times). Thought I would share the So Salem article, written by Miranda Atkins. --- Ok, originally I posted the entire article on here, but I've been asked by the Roanoke Times to please remove it and just give a link for people to view it if you wish. I will leave the headline and photo - just so you will know you've gotten the correct article if you click the link. They welcome comments on their site! Here is the link: And here is the headline with the photo, so you'll know what to look for:

Salemite goes green the old-fashioned way with a garden and a clutch of her own

Here is the link for the petition if you'd like to sign the petition (you don't have to live in Salem to sign it!):cu

I have to be honest that having these articles come out has made me really, really nervous. I don't believe in hiding, and I believe in being open and honest - but being in the paper and being out on the front like that is another thing. Thankfully I've been reading "Everything I Want to Do is Illegal" by Joel Salatin. Hearing his "war stories from the local food front" has given me the needed strength, courage and resolve to try and get through this. I highly recommend this book to one and all!


Bailie said...

I can't believe your neighbors are making such a stink about the chickens. I didn't even know you had them until you mentioned them! How can they be bothered if they can't even be heard inside your home?

BTW, the butter was awesome!

Stacy (mama-om) said...

Nice article... I hope things are able to be changed and you can keep the chickens.