Tuesday, June 10, 2008

We're on the map!!

I've added our flock to the map of Urban Chickens. Check it out:

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We've had lots of feathers ruffled lately as we have had the City over, checking out our flock. They seem to be in agreement that our "gals" aren't the rebel-rousers they've been made out to be, and as one city official put it: "seeing it really puts it in perspective." We're now working with the City to try and change the official zoning regulations to allow any and all (who so desire it) to have their own backyard flock. This is very exciting (albeit stressfull) stuff.
We've also started an online petition for anyone to sign in support of this. Here is the link: - when you sign you will get an email confirming your signature. If you do not get an email (check your junk/spam boxes!), please go back and try again. Our apologies for any difficulty.

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