Friday, October 17, 2008

Panties in a Bunch

Yesterday I was very flattered when the postman told me was had gotten certified for me. Then, I read the letter and realized it was a notice from the city thanks to our favorite neighbor making good on her threats. Apparently, we were in violation because we hadn't trimmed weeds along the fence lately - though what they city commented on was our "dead flowers."
We were blessed with cosmos that grew over 6' tall this year, and as tends to happen in the fall, they're now beginning to die. I've been trying to let them go as long as possible to collect the seeds before pulling them from the ground. Now, when I say our cosmos grew 6' tall, please note I'm only talking about a couple plants - not the entire front of our house!
First off, we don't want to be a nuisance, and we do try to keep a nice-looking house and yard. But, I have to appreciate the irony of this being a problem. It is fall. Currently the entire Farmer's Market, along with many store-fronts and houses, are bedecked with things like tied-up bundles of dried cornstalks, gourds and pumpkins scattered about, bales of straw, and rustic items such as old wheelbarrows brimming full with baskets of colorful mums. Ahh, the look of autumn! Heaven forbid though there be a house in the "CITY" (as our neighbor likes to say, hissing the "c" sound out) that has these things because they actually GREW there!! *GASP* The HORRORS!!!! EEEK!!! To grow these things yourself, or to actually use them ... well that most certainly is worth a call to the City!!
I've realized that the best thing to do though might be to realize what my neighbor is missing or in need of in her own sad and angry life: granny panties. I think the kindest thing for us to do would be to go out and by her some big ole pairs of granny panties because obviously the panties she currently owns are staying wadded up in a bunch far too often and making her miserable. (WE LOVE YOU VL!!)
That and I'm guessing I ought to bake some nice brownies or something like that for the folks down at the City Zoning Office. This surely won't be the last time they're called out for our "trashy" ways of living (her words, not mine!).
I think I might've lost the camera itself in the weeds, and there might've been a grizzly out there too, not sure - just know it sure is deadly and menacing! haha -- Ok, just got the photos uploaded, so IF YOU DARE TO LOOK, here are the shots of our disgusting, property-value-reducing, trashy lawn and house:

The above one was taken from across the street. The one below you can clearly see the dead cosmos plant, the weeds along the fence, and if you look carefully a grizzly bear (or was it a badger?).


Lisa said...

I think your yard looks awesome and charming. I can't believe how people can be sometimes. Get. a. life. Yes, I think big ole granny panties are in order.

Anonymous said...

Obviously your neighbor is incredibly nosy and has too much time on their hands! I could not see anything remotely horrible in the photos!

Carrie and Justin said...

It amazes me how ready people are to harshly judge and attack that which is different from what they already know or is outside their comfort zone.
Yes, the weeds DID need trimming, but c'mon, it isn't like our yard is the EPITOME of trash and disorder.
If I didn't think we would get another visit from the City I would hang a BIG PAIR of granny-panties from our flag pole in protest! ha ha

Chile said...

Oh yes, I can see how awful your yard looks. Yikes.


Some people just don't understand that totally neat and tidy is not natural. It's not good for the environment and it sure isn't good for the soul. My back yard looks messy by most people's standards because I leave the dead leaves under the trees and bushes for mulch. The plants are far happier!