Thursday, October 2, 2008

My first flower

October 1st - You can see the pride in the photo above. I was in the kitchen, working on cutting up some beef fat to render into tallow when I heard the backdoor open. Shannon, who had been playing in the back yard with the dogs came in and exclaimed to me "Mommy, I picked you this flower!" It was the first time I've been told this, like this. Hands greasy, I wiped them off on my apron and turned my attention fully to him.
This is a close-up of the crocus. It was one my great-grandmother planted, one her mother most likely bred, so it is with a special heart-tugging tenderness that this is the first flower that Shannon spontaneously picked for me on his own, while out in the yard playing.
I oohed-and-ahhed over the flower, and Shannon deserved every bit of the adoration he got. We talked about the color and then we talked about what type of flower it was. I will forever love this flower, and I hope to never forget this moment.

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