Thursday, April 9, 2009

Chicken on TV

The Carless Brit, aka River Laker, is a chap living here in Roanoke who gave up his car 4 months ago and has been documenting his life since then.
He's hosting a Carless Roanoke Party and wanted a farm animal that he could hold and pet during the commercial for the party. I offered up one of our biddies, and he chose LadyBird, our Buff Orpington.

Shooting the commercial happened early last Friday morning. Unfortunately, we'd been having steady rain all of last week it seemed. Personally, I like the rain - good for gardens. But, when you've got a chicken who's been out in the rain all week, well ... a bedraggled chicken isn't the prettiest thing for the commercial, is it??
So, we brought her inside. We went out there after dark, in the misting rain, and scooped her out of the nest box. Even though it was dark LadyBird is our lightest bird, so it wasn't too difficult to spot her. We grabbed some straw and put it in Jomo's old puppy crate and put LadyBird to bed for the night. In Our Bedroom!
We were worried what the dogs might think of a chicken spending the night inside, and so felt it was just easier to leave the crate where it had been, in our room. We've since come to the conclusion that LadyBird has spared herself ever being put in the stock-pot. I just don't know that I could eat a chicken that I shared a room with one night.

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Carole and Chewy said...

Lucky for you he didn't want a cow.
Much harder to fit in a bedroom.