Saturday, April 18, 2009


I'm not a girly-girl. Frou-frou would never come out of anyone's mouth when they are describing me. But I have a confession to make. I love, I mean really and truly LOVE watering my seedlings with my delicate teapot.

This teapot was given to me by a former boss, dear friend, and second mom. I love it. It isn't a porcelain teapot, more stoneware (proper term is escaping me at the moment, sorry), which means it holds heat better. I use it all fall and winter long for my tea.

You can see in the above photo the strawberries and flowers, the vines around the woody-esque parts. It is earthy, yet feminine.

When we started seedlings in trays this year, I needed a way to water them that didn't flood them. Something that would let the water go in between the small peat pellets. Looking quickly around the kitchen, I spied my teapot. It was only one tray of seeds, so the teapot was the perfect size. It's spout was perfect for pouring the water "just-so." I've been using it for watering those seedlings, and the ones that followed, ever since.

Tonight we transplanted some of the seedlings. Some of the Romanesco Broccoli went outside. Our tomato plants our growing amazingly quickly (while our peppers and celery lag woefully behind), so we set to work giving them more space. We were able to transplant almost all of our Cherokee Chocolate tomato plants into larger containers. The others will just have to hold on a little longer until we are able to transplant them.

When it came time to water the plants, all of which needed watering, I got Justin to fill up the teapot.

Something struck me as I stood in our sunroom tonight. Here I am, a mess no matter how hard I try. My shirt (luckily a tie-dye) had been splattered with cherry juice while I was making cherry-lemonade earlier. My hands were filthy from digging up this, replanting that, and countless trips into the bag of potting soil. I've not only managed to spill dirt on my shorts, but earlier today I managed to dump parmesan cheese down the front and the INSIDE of my shirt!! Yet, in all my messiness, there was a delightful Zen in using this frilly, delicate little teapot to water those little plants. Something about the teapot itself being so dainty and the plants being rooted in soil. A very Yin-Yang balance if you will.

SO .. if you ever happen to pass by, or drop in for a visit, don't be surprised if you see me pittering about, watering plants from dainty teapots.

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Douglas said...

I used to have this wonderfully delicate mist sprayer that I loved to mist my plants with. It had a curved spout and was made of foggy glass. I loved using it---very Victorian--made me long for an Edwardian glass house. Sadly, it stopped working and I kept it for aesthetics but now I don't know where it is. :( ---CAT