Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Renovation Continues

It has been a long day. Actually, given the amount of days since my last post, it has been a series of long days. Clutter everywhere, piles that make me feel like I should be on the show "Hoarders," and a general sense of despair. The kids went with their grandparents this afternoon & I have spent the majority of the day asleep.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel. Here are some photos for now.

~ This is where the old shower stall was in the old back bathroom. I like how the floor looks like a weird tile pattern (it's really rotted wood)~

We've gotten lots of flack for getting rid of the bathroom since it knocks us down to one full bath & one 1/2 bath. But most people didn't even know the thing was there. It felt like going outside to go to the bathroom due to it's placement in the house.

~New Laundry Room!~

The floor is now real tile. The washing machine (on the left in the photo) is where the shower was. I will have better photos soon. The wall was fixed up, shelves have been added, and all my guys (aka - Justin, Shannon, & Tristan) took turns painting the room. I can't begin to express the joy I feel in having a laundry room!!

~The 1/2 bath in our room~

We decided to have the flooring redone in the 1/2 bath in our bedroom. Turned out that the toilet had started leaking, which is why you can see wet wood in the above photo. We ended up getting a new, efficient toilet that will more than pay for itself very quickly. We also got the "comfort height" style which is about an inch taller. Kinda snazzy, probably a perk later on.
The 1/2 bath had some REALLY cool flooring in it. I think I will have to dedicate an entire blog or something to it. Maybe I just spent too many drunk nights staring at it, but I swear Jim Henson (or whoever helped design the goblins in 'Labryinth') designed this floor. Funky little faces EVERYWHERE. I really kinda miss the old flooring, but it was time.

~The new 1/2 bath!~

Now with a new toilet and tile flooring. We also decided to go ahead and give the gal a new coat of paint. Haven't gotten to painting the trim yet, but I do have the paint (it's hiding behind the toilet if you look carefully). The trim work in the laundry room & 1/2 bath aren't done yet, but we're getting there.

~Oh Yea, there it is!~

No before photo, that was a couple of blogs ago -- aren't you following this??

So the new ceiling is almost completely in. The new lights are a couple of days behind on getting put in. They SHOULD go in tomorrow. But I love, love, LOVE the ceiling so far!! We chose the color Sedona Red for the stain, but, as you can tell it turned out a very Hokie Maroon color. What can I say .. we're Hokies!

The old floating laminate tile flooring came out today, along with the older vinyl flooring that was underneath that. The new stove is in, but is sitting in our front room, along with the vent for it and the new lighting & fans for the back hallway. And tomorrow promises to be a very full day with hopefully lots of advances. Wish me luck, or at least a sound night's sleep.


Carole and Chewy said...

Looking good Carrie! I love that new ceiling.

Lisa said...

It looks amazing!! I hope everything goes smoothly today. I just want to sit and stare at your ceiling. It's gorgeous!