Saturday, July 21, 2007

Hokie Festival

Justin & Shannon at the Hokie "Pep Rally" held at the Hotel Roanoke right before the 2006 season got started. This was both boy's first time at a official Hokie gathering (even if Tristan was barely a month old!

The HOKIES flags and a good Orange Effect during the 2006 season

Today we went up to Chateau Morrisette with the boys for their Hokie Festival ~ the unveiling of this year's Hokie Wine labels. The boys don't get to go to the games with us, so this was a nice chance for them to be around lots of other Hokies. Shannon was really cute & kept calling it the "Hokie Vegetable" ~ he was also really excited about seeing Hokie Bird. We didn't know if Hokie Bird would be there or not, but as soon as we got there we saw him walking around, right near us. He stopped and waved at us ~ and of course, Shannon got shy and covered his eyes! Tristan was really intruiged though and stared wide-eyed. Hokie Bird covered his eyes back at Shannon, then waved some more to us as we walked off to explore. The rest of our time there Shannon kept wanting to see Hokie Bird again, go figure!
Anyway, it was a really nice day: gorgeous weather, great wine, fantastic bluegrass music, and, much to our delight, with our tickets came wine glasses with Chateau Morrisette's logo on one side and the VT on the other!
We got up there right when it was starting, at noon. This turned out to be quite wise (lucky) on our parts. We were able to get in and get tastings before the lines hit. And boy did they ever get long! We ended up only staying an hour. The boys began to get restless and the lines were getting too long, we knew it would just get too crowded for us.
So that was pretty much our day. We ran a few errands as well, but that was the highlight. It was really nice. We really like including the boys in on as many Hokie activities as we can, especially since they don't get to go to games yet. I don't have a picture from today to post (we, of course, forgot to bring our camera) so the ones I've put up are other Hokie photos we've taken.

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