Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Is it Fall?

I'm having to wonder if Fall is already here, though by no means am I complaining. The weather has been quite cool lately and I've been able to wear the most staple part of my wardrobe: jeans. I love my jeans and am happy to live in them. The past few days I've been wearing my jeans with the bottoms rolled up, like I had them when we were at the beach and it was cool at night. I love the cool, the fall & winter & snow. It makes me want to curl up under warm, snuggly blankets & drink hot cocoa. I love being able to wear jeans, and I imagine myself wearing luxurious sweaters (soft, sumptuous cashmere, or thick fisherman's wool) & looking fabulous. Of course, in these fantasies I'm also hanging out in the bar/lounge area of a 5-star ski resort, being pampered to my heart's content. And I'm looking fabulous & gorgeous.
Jeans rolled up & toes done bright red

It's been raining a lot too, which has been wonderful. I love the rain, it always makes everything look so pretty and clean. I get really excited when I am able to have laundry on the line in the rain. Sometimes I even rush out there to hang it before a storm, or will leave it out there even if it is already dry, just to let it get hit by the rain. The smell that rain leaves on clothes is so intoxciating. Poor little Tristan has an awful diaper rash right now and has been having to be kept "lubed up" with creams, meaning he's been having to wear disposable diapers. I've taken this oppurtunity to leave some of his cloth diapers out on the line, letting the get a little "extra freshening" out in the rain.

Tristan's diapers on the line, still wet from all the rain

A surprise bee balm bush, blooming beautifully

Some basil, growing on the deck

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