Friday, January 4, 2008

Welcome, welcome New Year

I posted about feeling like I was on the crest of a wave. It has broken. This is, of course, a wonderful thing, and I am so eager to start the new year off with such a fresh view of things. I feel so wonderfully refreshed and recharged.
We were able to sit down the other night and work on details for our 5 year plan. Nothing is ever set in stone, because the only thing certain in this life is change, but still, we have a nice, general 5 year plan we hope to work within. We had one goal on it previously, and now we have several more things written down. I heard a quote once about how when you right your dreams down they become goals. I like that. I try to practice it whenever I can .. try it as well, see what you think.
Things feel like they are really falling into place. More and more I feel aware of the different life we lead, and I like that. Yes, it is often a realization I come to due to a negative event or occurance, but I am trying to pick the object up and see if, when I look at it from a different angle, it will present itself anew to me. It usually does.
I have written friends lately, encouraging visits. I realize now that we actually have a good time for visitng. Summer is a grand time to visit here. The chickens will be outside by then. The garden will be in full bloom, as should the flower beds. We will be into our bbq-season, where we are constantly open to having people over for cook-outs on the grill & smoker. I'm sure this sounds silly, but it just struck me yesterday that we now have a time. A time when things are best presented.
I look back on 2007 with little regrets. Things might have been hard, but they were good and the hardness was necessary. I look forward to 2008 eagerly. It will be hard too, but again, that is necessary.
I will end this by sharing the glow of the season, after-all tomorrow is the Twelfth Day. We will be having friends over for dinner and, naturally, drinks. What a grand time for basking in the warmth. I love this picture because it truly captures with warmth of the season.

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