Friday, February 19, 2010

Goals ~ Do Girl Scout Cookies Count?

I blogged the other day about some goals - wanting to shed some weight, be healthy, you know, THOSE goals. So, how am I doing??

First, I've met the walking goals pretty nicely. This week I've not only started my wonderful cycle, but I got sidelined by a nasty migraine. I made an appointment at Dancing Crane Center of Chinese Medicine for some acupuncture (they have a clinic now - very cool!) and gave myself enough time to walk down there. --- Lesson Learned: If you're going to walk, wear shoes that are good for walking. Not the shoes you've been wearing every winter for the past 6 years that are comfy as all get out, but apparently not good for strolls around town. Thankfully Stephanie was tres cool & acupunctured me right on back to not-crippled shins. Migraine is slowly subsiding too!
We also took another walk down to the library today. With both kids. And both dogs. That doesn't sound like that much of a task, but Jomo doesn't really know how to walk on a leash, is scared of EVERYTHING, looks mean but is really a chicken-shit, and weighs a very muscular 80 pounds or so. My hands feel raw from trying to hold the leash. And hold Tristan's hand. And not fall. Justin remarked that we should've given Jomo a Valium before leaving and I think he was right. When I got home I thought I was going to throw up (no joke). --- Lesson Learned: Wanna intensify you're walk? Walk Jomo!

Now, I know you're wondering about the Girl Scout Cookies. It is a cold, hard fact that the genius who came up with the concept of adorable little girls selling boxes of delicious cookies once a year should be shot. Really.
Thursday, like I said, I was down with the migraine. And I was crampy. My step-dad (thanks Barry!) picked up the kids after their naps, taking them for the afternoon, allowing me to rest. Ah .. quiet.
I have been good about eating breakfast. I even ate a nice little lunch. You know the rule: Eat smaller meals more frequently throughout the day, approx. every three hours.
So .... does a box of Girl Scout Cookies count as a meal?? That was what I noshed on as I laid in bed, with PMS cravings and a throbbing head. I needed cookies. I HAD to have them. Justin had hidden them, per my request, but *TA DA* I found them!!
I mean, c'mon, 15 cookies should NOT count as a box!! Not 15 6" diameter cookies. No, 15 little tiny, two maybe three bite cookies. Not good, I know. But really, I don't regret it.

If I ever find the person who thought up Girl Scout Cookies I'm gonna give them a good beat-down. Unless, of course, they agree to start calling 'Caramel delites' & 'Peanut Butter Patties' their proper damn names, 'Samoas' & 'Tagalongs'!!

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