Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Things Said This Morning

A very quick little blog here. Sometimes your kids just throw several good ones at you as soon as the day starts. Like when your three year old, sitting on top of your legs while watching some morning cartoons in your bed, tells you "Mommy, I have a web in my nose!" ~ Translation: his nose is still stopped up and full of boogers & snot from his cold.

This morning we were getting ready to go get the boys' hair cut. Temperatures were in the low 60's two days ago (last week the ground was covered in several inches of snow) but today it is only supposed to be 39 and their is a light wintry mix coming down. Go figure.
Shannon wanted to wear his yellow jacket, which is nice and warm, just not a snow jacket. No problem. ~ Quick side note - bright yellow jackets ROCK! They make your kids so easy to spot when out and about. It is now my goal to always try and find yellow jackets. ~
We have an antique wardrobe in the front room which we use as a closet for jackets, storing gloves & hats on a shelf on the bottom, as well as snow-bibs and etc. Shannon's yellow jacket was in there. I got it down, he put it on and announced "We got my yellow jacket out of the litter closet!" I'm guessing he maybe meant 'linen' closet but he said 'litter' ... and I wondered how much of a difference there really was in this case.
He zipped up his jacket and then snapped all the buttons. As we were walking out the door he informed me "I'm as warm as a bud!" He then walked all the way to the car telling Tristan how he was as warm as a bud, with Tristan repeating it back to him. Here I'm guessing this is a variation of 'snug as a bug' but, really, that is just my guess. Are buds warm?

We managed to survive haircuts very well. The boys did good, so I was proud. Tristan still has his long hair, but it has some layers in there now which I hope will help his hair thicken up. Shannon's mop is another story. In the summer, when the air is humid, his hair curls into ringlets. No joke, it's friggin' adorable. In the winter, when the air is dry, his hair transforms into this wild mop of a head. Untameable beast of red pseudo curls that is now 1/2 straight.
I made the mistake of letting Tristan go first this morning. This is only a mistake because I then told her to basically cut Shannon's hair like Tristans: trim it up some, leave the overall length, add layers. Shannon's hair does not do well with short layers up top. *REPEAT TO SELF - Shannon's hair does not do well nor look good with short layers up top!!!*
Right now he looks like a cross between Lyle Lovett and a weird mullet. I seem to remember having a similar problem last winter. Sorry kiddo. But fear not, Mama made sure to right it down on the stylist's card this time!

Now we're home and things are back to normal, despite having a miniature Lyle Lovett in the sunroom playing.
Tristan comes running into the kitchen to tell me he has to go poop. Apparently I HAVE to be there for this. I've learned not to dilly-dally when he gets like this. We go proceed to the bathroom.
He gets up there, he poops. No big deal. He then looks up at me and says "Mommy, my penis is ALL OUT of pee."
Guess he was trying to pee too and didn't actually need to since he had gone while we were at the hair stylists.

I need to end this now. Lyle Lovett has transformed into a King Kong sort of beast, roaring at Tristan, and then going into very dramatic sobs. Tristan has transformed into a very cute but none-the-less irritating Godzilla, stomping around on Shannon's (I mean Lyle's) train tracks.
And life at the circus continues on.

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