Monday, March 1, 2010

Longwood Park

There is a park not too far from our house called Longwood Park. I've been taking the boys there to play now that they're a little bit older (the layout of the playgrounds makes it awkward to safely keep an eye on two kids at once). I've found a spot where I can sit and pretty much always have an eye on them. But there is something else that keeps drawing my eyes' attention.

~ I love these trees. I took this photo with my cell phone (yikes!) today. ~

I know I have more photos of these trees. Better ones, not taken with a cell phone camera. But still, I love these trees.
Every time we're at the park I can't help but stare at them. I imagine I'm Kate Winslet in 'Finding Neverland', spending a day at the park with my boys. I have a nice picnic basket (lined with wonderful blue-gingham linen), and am sitting on a quilt that is comfortable, quaintly stylish, and easy to fold and carry around.

~ This is how I am imagining ourselves at the park ~

Unfortunately, there are several things wrong with this picture. 1) I am not Kate Winslet. 2) I don't have a cute English accent. 3) Johnny Depp isn't there, and neither is his big dog. *OK - get your dirty minds out of the gutter, I meant the dog from the movie. -- but now that we're on the subject .... yes!*
Instead of wearing a wonderfully feminine outfit I am wearing a long-sleeved tie-dye, jeans, Birkenstocks (I'd rather have the Birks than shoes they wore then I'm betting, even if they don't look as feminine and cute), my hair isn't "done", and I'm sitting on top of a picnic table with a bookbag next to me instead of the quilt/picnic basket scenario.
I will be grateful that instead of four unruly boys to deal with I only have my two to try and catch. And I have my husband instead of a married Johnny Depp character. My husband who is 28 and not 45. I swear that in 40 years I will be grateful for that. Maybe 50. Love ya Justin!!!

Perhaps in the Spring I will find a good quilt that I can tote along with me and I can sit under the trees while the boys play.
The park isn't too far from our house, a little under 1/2 a mile. As part of trying to exercise more I'm planning/hoping to start walking there with the boys. This ought to be a lot easier a task when it isn't bitter cold outside and when Tristan gains better control over his bladder ... and on that note, when they unlock the bathrooms at Longwood Park once the weather warms back up.
We'll see how it goes. Till then, there are dreams. And my trees. And the knowledge that getting to spend afternoons lounging under them isn't too lofty a dream.