Monday, March 29, 2010

These end tables will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!! - $25 (downtown Roanoke)

That was the title of the ad on Craigslist. It came to my attention when a friend posted it on Facebook (Hi Lisa!!). This has to be the best-EVER ad on Craigslist!! I did end up getting the tables. Here is a shot of them on the front porch.

Of the many projects going on, getting new front porch furniture is one of them. Hence the crappy cellphone photo. You can see the one table in the foreground and the other on the other side of the loveseat in the background.

Now, here is the best-EVER ad on Craigslist:

These end tables are freaking AWESOME!!!


They are like some damn TRANSFORMERS or something...they multifunction better than your fancy iPhone and come at a MERE FRACTION of the price! These things were like, "Yo, I'm not cool with just being an end table. I'm not trying to PIGEONHOLE myself. I want to be a JACK OF ALL TRADES."

So they got some freaking lamps attached to them. Hell yeah, those things SWIVEL! STILL NOT SATISFIED??

Check out the magazine rack in the bottom, DUDE! You can store your U.S. News and World Reports, Good Housekeepings, OR your Hustlers down there! These end tables don't judge!

See that little loop thing on the top of the lamp? Yeah, those things DETACH! You can put your own damn lampshade on there, or dress up the ones you already got with some nice FINIALS!

You'll be wheelin' and freaking DEALIN' when you buy these badass end tables together for only $25!!! Hell, you can't even get out of OLIVE GARDEN with your girl/boyfriend for that price, and these won't give you GARLIC BREATH! If you just want one, you can have it for $15!

E-mail now and CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Act now and I'll include the LIGHT BULBS! One of those suckas is THREE WAY!!!!


Lisa said...

LOL Love it! They look awesome!

Elena said...

So has your life changed????

Carole and Chewy said...

We actually hav eone of these end tables in our livingroom.

And yes, it changed everything. Really.