Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Fridge of Death - Unexpected Side Effects of Remodeling

The new fridge is in & working. We had planned on waiting until remodeling was underway and they were ready to put the fridge in the new spot, but that was also with the thinking that the remodeling would start by April 20th. Life has happened and the new start date is May 5th. If we miss that start date believe me there will be a rant. Anyway, Lowe's was having a 10% off all Energy Star appliance sale that was good thru 4/26. The amount we got off through the sale was greater than the $60 we could've been eligible for via VA's Cash for Appliances rebate. So, we went ahead and got the fridge.

Getting the old fridge out and the new one in was another blog all together. I'll post about that soon, I promise. This blog is about the unexpected side effects. This fridge, apparently, is the fridge of death.
No, it hasn't eaten the kids yet. It hasn't let food go bad. But it is still apparently very evil and to be feared. At least that is what Jomo thinks.

Jomo is scared of EVERYTHING. New lamp? He'll scoot around it, tail tucked, and growl & bark at it from a safe distance. Satellite dish? Worthy of being barked & growled at ... from a safe distance of course. More trash than normal at the curb?? You guessed it. Bark, growl, runaway. Sound familiar? You've read about it before -

It comes as no surprise then that Jomo is scared of the fridge. But, he normally realizes within a couple hours (or a day) that whatever he thought was so scary really isn't. Not so with the fridge.

Normally he would be under my feet as I type this, today he is curled up in the doorway to the hall. Whiskey is curled up next to the fridge -- I think she's figured out Jomo won't come bother her if she's near it.
Jomo's food is near the fridge, so he is refusing to eat. The door to outside (you can see it in the photo above) is right beside the fridge. If he has to go out he stands way back, waits for your verbal encouragement, and then with tail-tucked & ears folded back, quickly scoots outside. To get back in requires even more encouragement and usually a tug on his collar.
To make matters worse, the ice maker in this fridge actually works!! WONDERS OF WONDERS!! We haven't had a fridge with a working ice maker since we bought the house! Jomo has NEVER heard a fridge that makes ice.
I'll admit, the sound of the ice suddenly being dumped into the bucket (which is on the door by the way, too cool!) is a little startling. It just isn't something we're used to. But Jomo, poor, poor Jomo. Every time the ice gets dumped into the bucket he jumps a country mile and runs out of the room. Whiskey has done this a couple times as well, especially if she's been asleep right next to the fridge when said "attack" has occurred.

All of this has gotten me thinking about what I hadn't considered: how much the overall renovation would scare Jomo. New floors, new layout, new other stuff. There really isn't much we can do other than reassure him as always. I know he will be terrified of the tile floors - he was scared of the wood floors when we first got him (and the majority of our house is wooden floors).
Ah ... the hidden costs of renovations. Jomo keeps looking up at me with large, brown baby eyes that beg "Hold Me" (see the link for photos -he really does want to be held!). Whiskey keeps happily moaning in her sleep, curled up next to the fridge, as close as she can about be, knowing Jomo will not be able to pounce on her (aka - try to play) now.


Elena said...

Make sure you shut the ice maker off at night or you'll be as scared as Jomo! Let me know how you like the stainless steel. I wanted to make the jump from white to that but the only ice-making fridge that would fit in my very limited space was white. It's my first ice-maker and water purifier and I love it!

Carole and Chewy said...

Maybe Jomo has seen 2001 - the frig has that monolith look to it. Your frig is the one I'd pick -I love stainless steel.