Friday, April 2, 2010

Wilted Tristan

That's my Tristan. Can you see how RED his poor little face is??? We went to the playground down the street, the boys call it "the Down Street Playground" as we do whenever weather is nice on Fridays. Well, today it was nice, but it was also 88 degrees!! WHEW!

Tristan is like me and turns beet red as soon as he gets hot. I always thought there was something a little wrong with me when it happened to me. Like I was out of shape or something. I just do not do well with heat. And neither does he.

Like a little flower or lettuce, we wilt after too much exposure in the sun and heat. I can watch it with him. His little shoulders start to slump, he walks instead of running, and will eventually hardly move. His hair sticks to his head.

We take plenty of cold water with us, and I make sure he sits down when he starts wilting. When it gets really bad is usually the sign it is time to go home. After too much wilting you just need to go rest for a bit. He's always fine as soon as he cools back down.

Shannon gets pretty red too, but he's more like Justin. He seems to handle the heat better. Even with that mop of curly red hair that flies like flames off of his head when he runs around.


Elena said...

Oh my he does have apple cheeks. I could feel the heat, poor lil thing.

Lisa said...

Awww I could feel the heat, too. Poor baby. I bet he loved the beautiful playground weather, though.

MizuMori said...

Y'all may be like my mother and me. We both get red like that too. She says she does not sweat at all, I sweat very little. I have to spritz myself to help keep cool. You might try applying some of that cold water externally not just internally!!