Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Wishes for 2011

Inspired by Ms.Eleneaous' recent wish list blog and other wishes for the New Year that I've seen from people far more talented than myself, I have decided to share my wishes, dreams, and resolutions for 2011. Written in no particular order.


*Alaska - I have no photo to put here, but I will share this link: ~ Alaska decided to call to me the other day. At first I thought it was just a passing fancy, but it called twice in one day so I got the hint. I am going to Alaska. I am not sure when yet, as soon as the universe decides. I've put the request out there and am waiting to hear back.
Ironically enough Texas called to me last year, maybe the year before. I didn't want to go there, but I absorbed a lot from the calls sent. I think that was more about personality than anything else. But Alaska has called and demanded a visit, so I must heed that.

*Longwood Park - I blogged in March about Longwood Park and the trees that call to me. - I never got my quilt for spreading out under those trees. I will this year. Soon. And we will spend afternoons there.

*Unschooling Out & About - Having two children, having two boys, and being exceptionally frugal (aka - fairly broke) I am filled with good-spirited envy & longing when I see people getting to homeschool at places like local coffee shops. I won't spend money like that on coffee, and my boys wouldn't exactly be a good suit for such a spot. But I will resolve to trying to get out and about with the boys with more intention. Of course, without thinking about it we are out and about a lot, unschooling as we go. I would just like to give some of those excursions more intent and purpose. Perhaps taking books with us to Longwood Park to be read under those trees as we lounge on the blanket?

*A Pub - Proper European style that I've never been to in reality and so am just imagining in my mind. As I wrote that last wish above I realized that I would go into a pub and order a beer and hang out with my boys while they did a little learnin'. The pub I refer to in my mind is more of a local gathering spot and less of a alcoholics-only club. Newspapers on tables. People of all ages. Good fish & chips. Men in warm knit Irish sweaters. (Yea, the pub in my mind is also Irish) Good beer on tap. Craft-brewed beer. And some board games set up on a nice barrel or something - at least checkers.

*Quiet Mornings To Myself - I am close to achieving this one, if only because I only mandate being dressed before lunch thereby extending the morning out until .. well, lunch. Shannon has always been good about entertaining himself (why unschooling works so well) and is in fact busy doing crafts as I type this. Tristan is playing on the computer. There are a couple of sites we let them play on, ones that mix education and fun. Aside from the occasional call for me to help him, he will keep himself busy with that for a while.

*A Brewery Trip - Justin and I are overdo for another brewery trip. This could go hand-in-hand with my pending trip to Alaska, but it might also have to be a separate trip.

*A Flourishing Garden - 'nuff said

*Passenger Rail Service to the entire Roanoke Valley - Ms.Eleneaous put that one out there and I will second it. We sorely need it. I dream of being able to take day trips with the kids to D.C. without having to drive. ~ I will add the requisite of a perfect train station too. Old-timey feel, lots of real wood fixtures & furnishings, and a bakery/coffee shop inside that is NOT a chain location but that does also have some nice to-go lunches (sandwiches, etc) available for travelers.

*More Road Trips - We used to just get in the car and go wandering about. The economic plunge stopped that real quick. I think it is time to bring it back. Even if I just have to budget it in there (which takes out some of the magic but might just have to be a practical reality). We will pack a cooler and the Longwood Park Quilt. We may take the dog, as long as he doesn't eat the cooler & Longwood Park Quilt along the way. We will set aside a little money for the small stores we may wander into. Not a requirement for all trips but just in case. Finding small stores does help keep the magic alive.

*More Laughter & Love - Things you can never have enough of.

*Real Food - The delicious healing power of real food. We should always wish for such sumptuous things, and I wish it not just for myself and my family but for all of you. We all should wish for such decadent delights and true food. ~ And on that note, we will be trying our hand at cheesemaking beginning this week. We've made a delicious soft herbed cheese before, though I can't remember the recipe and it was a couple of years ago when we made it. But we bought a highly recommended book full of recipes and inspiration and we will set forth on this journey soon. (Keep an eye on for cheesy posts!)

*A VW Westy - Running, with a pop-top, & the rest of it too, in good shape. For camping excrusions and general road trips.

There are likely some more things I could list, but it is lunch time. Time to get dressed. Time to make the boys some real food to eat. Then it will be time for naps. And I am beginning to think all my dreams have come true.

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Elena said...

A most achievable list!!! I expect to see plenty of pics from Alaska and can't wait to read about your cheesemaking adventure.