Monday, March 7, 2011

Before 9:30

Mondays can be a bitch, we all know that. But there are some Mondays where the level of "You've GOT to be KIDDING Me" is raised to such an extreme height that it becomes highly advised that you immediately return to bed and, for the sake of all around you, don't come out until Monday is past.
This is the photo summary of my Monday morning. All of it occurring BEFORE 9:30 AM!!! Here we go.

FIRST: Last night I was making waffle fries and sliced the edge of my thumb. It bled like crazy, through two bandaids, requiring gauze and tape to actually get it to heal. This is the photo from last night (you can see I was still making the fries).

This morning, after getting the boys set up with their cereal and the dogs' fed as well, I headed out as usual to tend to the chickens. As I was putting their food in there they began pecking at my bandaged thumb. Pecking can be a sign of love, but I'm pretty sure they were more likely wondering if this weird thing was edible. Luckily, it didn't hurt and didn't cause any more damage to my thumb. Just little tasting love pecks.

SECOND: This one is minor, but still got an "oh just great" out of me. No photo, sorry. I was making butter in the KitchenAid. Filled the bowl too full with cream. As you whip the cream it expands into whipped cream. When you fill the bowl too full that expansion goes over the edge of the bowl and onto the counter. So .. nice, huh?

THIRD: I also made bread this morning. Since we had to fry part of the fries last night we are low on olive oil. I decided to substitute the needed 4TB of olive oil for the bread with 4TB of butter. I took out a stick of butter, cut it, put it in a bowl in the microwave, and got it started melting.
Suddenly I heard a boom. The bowl had exploded!! Seriously, it fucking exploded!!!

This is a photo of what it looked like when I opened the microwave.

Here is a closer-up shot of the melted/melting butter and the exploded glass bowl.

To say I was stunned is an understatement. I've had these bowls since 1999 and I am certain I've microwaved them before. There is simply no way that I haven't. Plus, I really loved these little blue glass bowls. I was originally given a set of 4 and today's loss brings me down to 2.

Here is a photo of the mess swept up into the dustpan along with one of the two remaining glass bowls. I also had to completely wipe out the microwave since shards of butter-coated blue glass were all over the place. So much for that little rag.

FOURTH: Still shaken and shaking from the exploded bowl (that was not yet cleaned up), I excused myself from the kitchen and headed towards my room. The boys had blocked off the entry to the front room from the hallway with a baby gate & one of their Hokie rocking chairs, to keep the dogs from eating their toys. They do this all the time, so nothing new there.
I moved the baby gate and set it up against the wall. Then I gently, and I stress the word gently, pushed the rocking chair aside. It touched up against an antique glass water jug (aka an antique 5 gallon glass carboy) that we use as a jar for loose change. Gently.
I heard a pop. The glass carboy suddenly broke!!! I touched the rocking chair and the glass jug broke AGAIN!!!

You can see how the rocking chair really is just barely touching the glass jug. Nothing even touched where that big hole is, so I have NO CLUE how this happened.

Rocking chair moved away, you can see where the entire side has practically fallen in.

So, now I am left with this. I got Shannon to put the dogs in the crate. To say I was shaking like a leaf at this point was an understatement.
I also wasn't exactly sure how to clean it up. I mean, you can't just throw it all away, the money has to be taken out. So, I thought I would gently turn it to where the broken part faced the wall and wait until Justin got home (or at least nap time) to figure it all out.
I went to turn it and the top half of it CAME OFF IN MY HAND!!!!

Trying to take a photo of this was hard. I couldn't set it down, I was shaking, and the hand I was taking the photo with has the injured thumb. So be friggin' impressed by this photo, ok?

Top half taken out to the trash, here is the bottom half. You can see the money still in the jar.

I sat down beside it with a one-gallon glass carboy and began transferring the money over from the broken jar to the non-broken one. I had to be careful because there were glass shards mixed in with the money. At one point my hand looked all nice and sparkly, covered with little shards of glass.
I kept shaking, because I was having to reach over jagged edges of broken glass to get the coins out. I anticipated my wrist getting sliced open at any moment.
Luckily I was able to turn it as the money got lower, allowing me to reach in over the glass at a spot that wasn't sticking up like a jagged mountain peak.

All the money out, you can see how the bottom was all cracked too.

I was definitely too scared to try and lift this thing to take it outside as it was. One, I wasn't sure how steady the edges were given that it has just out of the blue broken three times in a matter of seconds/minutes. Two, if it did break, the kids were still barefoot, there would be glass everywhere and even if it broke outside, that would be hell to clean up.
I luckily found an empty beer case. I folded it flat and slipped it under the jar. I was then able to gently lift it up, carry it outside and toss it into the trash can.
Saying I had to steady myself as I walked back inside to finish cleaning up is NOT an exaggeration.

Here is the little one-gallon jar.

So ..... how's your Monday going?


knottedby said...

oh darlin! i am so sorry you had such a crazy morning! sending you love and less clutzy thoughts! maybe some cool mosaic pots could be made or something and your kids could sell em for mothers day? get those ugly terracotta pots and they could just decorate em with the glass pieces. then again, maybe too much for the younger son. either way, i hope your day improves. much love <3

knottedby said...

girl, i am SO sorry this was your morning! i cannot even imagine! sending you less clutsy thoughts :) and healing energy for your thumb!

Elena said...

Looks like your spirits were in a frisky mood today.

Remember it could always be worse and the day's half-way through ;)

Christy F. said...

Oh man! What a way to start your week! I probably would have sat down and cried! Sorry about all your broken stuff! I would save the blue and do something with it. Hope the rest of your week is better!