Monday, March 21, 2011

Signs of Spring

Everyone has their different particular signs that Spring is officially here. Maybe it is trees beginning to bud and blossom.

This is one of our redbud trees.

Our Bradford Pear tree, suddenly going into full bloom!

In the foreground you can see our newest fruit tree, a sweet cherry variety called 'Sweetheart' (under which Jomo's belongings are buried), in the back ground you can see the lilac that my great-grandmother planted full of buds and ready to bloom.

Maybe your sign that Spring is here is the flowers that begin popping up.

The daffodils we planted when we first moved in. The tulips were originally planted by my great-grandmother. We've moved them around in the yard, letting them regain their health and begin to blossom once again!

Perhaps your sign is when seeds are started for Summer's gardens.

We found this little mini-greenhouse at our local Lowe's for $39. It's exciting to try out and we're full of high hopes.

Heck, maybe your sign of Spring is the chicken's return to the yard and green grass!

But here one of my official signs. It is when my dogs go from lounging about the house like this:

To insisting, at the very least, on lounging in the sun-warmed back hallway where they can catch a nice breeze every now & then.

That is one of my most official signs, along with the kids' insistence on being outdoors playing as much as the possibly can.

What are your signs?


Moi et Toi said...

Your dogs are so cute! Im following you now :) great blog! :)

Carrie and Justin said...

Thank you! :)