Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It's a good thing you're cute

Some Facts:

~ Puppies, like babies, do not sleep through the night. They cry at various hours, wanting something like being taken out to go pee.

~ Unlike babies, puppies are used to sleeping with other puppies. Of course babies don't arrive in your home expecting to sleep with puppies, that would just be silly! I didn't think I would actually have to explain that one to you! ..... Puppies are NOT thrilled to suddenly be forced to sleep ALONE in a crate at night. Babies are kinda cool with a crib. It isn't wise to try to put a puppy in a crib or a baby in a crate.

~ Big puppies make big noises. Happy, sad, mean, whatever. The noises are big.

~ If you're trying to sleep & the puppy is making loud noises, it is actually impossible to stuff a pillow between your ears like they do in cartoons. Can't do it with one pillow, much less two.

~ After taking the pup out at 5 am, you realize you can do one of two things: put him back in the crate, let him wail & wake the kids up (who will then be wide awake at 5 am) OR put him in bed with you & hope he goes to sleep.

~ Puppies, again like babies, are used to nursing and have an innate ability to seek out a teat.

~ Being suddenly awoken by sharp little puppy teeth biting your boob is NOT the best way to start your day.

~ The puppy biting your husbands tit next IS funny and helps heal your own wounds much quicker.

~ Stocking up on treats, chew toys, and pig ears before you even get the puppy is a wise idea. A puppy that is ready to chew everything at 5 am seriously needs alternatives to your 1/2 asleep limbs.

~ A puppy that randomly sticks out his tongue at things is too cute & funny to stay mad at for very long. Puppy breath, wrinkly head, and overall cuteness help a lot too. These things prove especially beneficial when one is running on very little sleep and has bite marks on their boobs.


Elena said...

What a little sweetie! Maybe he could use a soft stuffed baby to sleep with. Don't get him spoiled sleeping in your bed 'cause in a couple of months he'll be kicking you out!

Lisa said...


Kelly said...

LOL your puppy is precious. You are so right, though, Im glad all my dogs are grown now, and im not experiencing the puppy cries at night, nor chewing up shoes, toilet paper, etc...

Carrie and Justin said...

@ Elena - I think he magically grows to FULL mastiff size when he sleeps in our bed. Somehow he and Justin managed to steal all the covers and have me over to one little edge.
@ Kelly - Thank you! I love puppies, but really they're like babies. If they weren't so damn cute you wouldn't put up with that nonsense.
@ Lisa - :P hee hee

Vicki said...

Ah, LOL, another Carrie saga that is fun to read and makes me glad I have adult children and an adult cat!