Thursday, June 24, 2010

Where's Foster?

This is kinda like Where's Waldo. Or maybe it's just a fun game of 'Spot the Mastiff.' This game wouldn't be so much fun if it weren't for the knowledge of just how big Foster will get. For those not in the know, male English Mastiffs are 30" or more in height (Foster is already 18", height measured from the floor to his back end while standing), and weigh anywhere between 160 - 200+ pounds. Foster is 2 months 12 days old and weighs 30 pounds already. His father was a skinny 180 pounds. So, now you know, and now you know why this is so funny.

Are you ready??? Here we go ...

This is our newly-tiled 1/2 bathroom, off of our master bedroom. Can you Spot the Mastiff??

Do you see him yet??

THERE HE IS!! Hooray for you!! You've won this round of 'Spot the Mastiff'!!! Congratulations!!!!

If this is any help in truly seeing how tiny this bathroom is, I am leaning WAY back against the sink (my back was against the glass shelf above the sink), and you can see my left foot in the photo.

Also, for any of you who think I cheated and took this photo when we brought him home and he was only 7 weeks and 17.6 pounds, just itty-bitty tiny, these photos were taken on June 21st.

Also, for the record, he loves laying like this:

..... Yea, try maneuvering around THAT when you have to go to the bathroom!! (Perhaps one reason he's taken to curling up around the toilet itself, he's out of my way and gets less pants dropped on his head.)

These last two photos were taken on June 13th. He was 2 months and 2 days old. Now, close your eyes and imagine how he'll fit in there when he's full grown. Or a year old. Or just in another month.


Carole and Chewy said...

You only have a limited amount of time to pretend it's *your* bathroom. Because it's actually *his* bathroom. Pretty pup!

Elena said...

He is too precious...