Saturday, June 26, 2010

Two of a Kind

This is Tristan.

He's our youngest, he'll be 4 this Summer. He weighs between 35 & 39 pounds.

This is Foster. He is almost 2 1/2 months old now. He weighs 30 pounds .. but that rapidly changes.

I swear ... the two of them are peas in a pod. And not because Tristan loves on Foster so very much. ... He really doesn't. Foster tends to bite him on the butt. Tristan screams. We make Foster "apologize" .. which means we make him sit and Tristan pet Foster so they get along again. But, I digress.

They slobber. ---- Mastiffs are known for slobbering and drooling. We prepped for this by buying lots of little washcloths (thank you Walmart for that cheap-ole stack of washcloths!). Tonight we took the kids to Burger King for dinner (yea, yea, get off my ass .. it's hot, they have AC and needed a playground to burn off some energy on). SEVERAL times throughout "dinner" I had to get Justin to wipe the drool off of Tristan's mouth. You know, before he managed to wipe it up .. over his nose .. onto his forehead .. and into his hair. I really had those "flashback scenes" of Foster's face after drinking water as I watched slobber chocolate milk drool drip from Tristan's mouth.

They chew on weird things. --- Like electrical chords. You expect this from puppies. Not from almost 4 year olds. Tristan informed me the other day that his mouth "hurt". Turned out he had been chewing on the chord to the phone. Electrical chord, phone line chord .. I'm not sure. I've also had to ask him to please not chew on his shoes. Same with Foster, though I ask him not to chew on my shoes. I've had to tell Tristan not to eat the dirty snow off the bottom of his boots. Foster hasn't seen snow yet. We'll see how he reacts to that.
Tonight when we got home, as we were getting out of the car, I had to ask Tristan to please not chew on the metal part of the seat-belt clasp. (What the hell do you call that particular piece?)
---- Also along this same line here is that they eat weird things. It's pretty much the same thing, same examples. You get the idea.

Other ways I think they're very similar?? They both sleep weird. Though, Tristan just tends to roll around and sometimes under the furniture. Foster curls up beside the toilet or sleeps in that weird Spread-Eagle kinda way.
Tristan spills about every beverage he comes into contact with. Foster, quite literally, FALLS into his water dish.
They both aren't .... how can I say this with utter love and without sounding mean at all .. always completely present in the moment.
We were eating dinner a while back. I heard someone kicking the table. I assumed it was Shannon (at this point in time it was a fair assumption) & asked him to stop. He looked under the table towards Justin, as the kicking noise continued. Justin looked under the table. We realized it was Tristan. I said "TRISTAN (trying to get his attention), QUIT KICKING THE TABLE!" (really, this was more to get the kid's attention .. it wasn't yelling). Tristan suddenly looks up and exclaims "WHAT!?!?! I didn't pee!!!!" ------ ummmm ... OK.
2nd) I am standing on the deck, Foster is in the yard. I call to him and try to call him to come up. He walks through the sunflowers and up to the deck (not the stair side, the yard side) and looks up at me with this expression of "now what?". I keep calling to him, encouraging him to come up ONTO the deck. He FINALLY makes his way to the steps ... tangling himself up in the hops in the process .. and then he TRIPS up the stairs. --- cuz, you know, going up a small flight of stairs is so damn tricky.

There are likely more examples. Somewhere I do have photos of Tristan hanging out in Whiskey's old dog crate when he was about 18 months old. We didn't put him in there, he just thought it was fun to go in there and shut the door and hang out. I would post it, but I am sure Social Services would come down pretty hard on shit like that. ---- C'mon .. don't all kids do silly things like that??

We'll see how they grow together. We'll see if Foster keeps biting Tristan's butt. We'll see if Tristan keeps chewing on weird things. Until then, at least there is potty training. Tristan's gotten Foster beat on that one. At least he doesn't pee in the hall .... or the front room .. or the bedroom .. or the kitchen .. or .. well, you get the piddle picture.

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Haha! And they're both so cute!!!