Friday, July 30, 2010

How to Clean the (Kiddie) Pool

Kiddie pools can get pretty funky pretty quickly. But what's the best way to clean them??
You can get down on your hands and knees in the hot sun and scrub n' cuss away. Or you can do it a little differently. Think Sam from Benny & Joon.

First - get on a nice thick pair of socks. I put on my fleece socks (usually reserved for rocking Birk sandals in the Winter) - they're purple and green and perfect.

Second - Get some good music & play it through headphones. If you don't have an MP3 armband holder & are lacking pockets, tuck the player inside your pants or underwear. This will provide double protection from water.

Third - Now take a hold of your soul!! -- sorry .. I wasn't really jamming to Kenny Loggins. But I was in the pool dancing kinda like Kevin Bacon.

Headphone (ear buds?) in, music rocking, socks on, I step in the pool and get to dancing. You wanna drain almost all the water out of the pool, but leave enough to slosh around just a bit. Or you can do this in a completely empty kiddie pool after a rain storm. Your choice, no rules set in stone.

And that is where I was this afternoon. Dancing like a fool in the empty kiddie pool with big, thick, fleece socks on that were soaking wet. Sliding around like Kevin Bacon in Footloose. Cleaning & boogeying.

I set the pool up on it's end to finish getting the gunk out. It's an inflatable pool & it was fun to shoot it with the hose, GIRL POWER ROCKS!, till it fell back over into place.

A pair of blueish-green eyes under a mop of red hair appeared in the window, watching me. I was now out of the pool, but I know I had been being watched for a bit. Benny & Joon came back to mind and I was letting my feet dance like muffins.

And .. there you go. A much more fun way to clean out a kiddie pool. Now, excuse me while I run to turn off the water, I think my pool floweth over!

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