Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Remodeling ~ Month 2

The photos in this post were taken of the most recent work done. They were taken on June 24th. Seriously, no work has been done since then.

As you can tell, tile has started getting laid in the kitchen. At least something is getting laid in the kitchen, I just feel like I am getting screwed, and it ain't pleasant.

In some fairness, we were out of town last week, so no work could be done. Well, Harmon was supposed to be at his shop (aka home) building the cabinets for the back hallway and the island for the kitchen. Since I haven't seen him and haven't been able to get him to return my calls, I am not sure anything has been done.

The estimated work time was for 3-4 weeks. Not months, weeks. I realize things take longer than usually estimated, but let me just throw something out there: work would go a helluva lot quicker if Harmon showed up before 10, didn't take the hour or more for lunch, and stayed past three. Oh yea, and if he showed up everyday it would be nice too.

There is not one completely finished room or area. Everything still needs some degree of finishing. Right now the microwave and toaster are sitting in the back hallway, on TOP of the new freezer.
The flue for the boiler heater has not been put in yet, so should we hit a serious cold spell we'd seriously be screwed. The hood & vent for the stove hasn't been put in yet ... and I don't think it's helping a lot just sitting in a box in the back hallway, where it's been sitting for a month and a half now.

Needless to say, this has gone downhill and it has gone downhill very quickly. Harmon seems to be a truly cursed man whose ass is being kicked by Karma. First he's left his wife. Then there has been the various bouts of sicknesses (the flu bug, strep throat, high temperatures), then he's moved in with a new girlfriend & that place needs fixing up, back to pissed off ex-wife turning off his phone, and just today I get told that his step-mother had a heart attack "4 or 5 days ago" and so that is why he now can't answer the phone, show up for work, or return phone calls. --- The man is cursed with wicked bad luck I tell you. (FYI - I only found out about the step-mom thing because I went to his new apt. and knocked on the door until his girlfriend FINALLY opened it)

The work is truly gorgeous, when it gets done. But that's the kicker is that it isn't getting done. Work was originally supposed to START on April 19th or 20th. It finally started on May 6th. It's now July 6th and we have a Punch List with 28 things on it. Well, 26, two got marked off.

I am not happy. I am beyond not happy. I am way beyond not happy.


Elena said...

I'm sorry to read this, not surprised however after having dealt with contractors down here over the last 15 years. That's one of the reasons I'm so hesitant to ever get something going. I could blog horror stories about every single home project I've been through. It's almost like they're doing you a favor just showing up. Whatever timetable they say, triple it. Keep calm, the work that has been done looks good, but I can only imagine the frustration you must feel. Pop a cold one kiddo...

Carole and Chewy said...

Oh dear.

I think it may be something in the water here. I know a number of people that had various projects contracted for, and had problems with people showing up, actually working, much less getting the job completed. Hope this works itself out, and hope you didn't pay him the entire bill.

Carrie and Justin said...

Thanks guys. I've heard the horror stories as well but had really hoped this guy was different. *sigh*